HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage

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HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a scale-out storage platform that is designed to meet the fluctuating needs of virtualized environments. Intuitive, common management and storage federation meet the need for simplicity and flexibility in today’s virtual datacenters. It allows data mobility across tiers, locations, and between physical and virtual storage. HP StoreVirtual is the most versatile storage platform on the market today. Its software-defined storage VSA software, and ProLiant rack and BladeSystem-based hardware models provide options to fit any infrastructure and budget. Enterprise-class storage software functionality and leading virtualization software integration are built-in.

This makes StoreVirtual the ideal platform for supporting virtualization growth at all stages.

What's New?

  • New HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage System - features both SSD and HDD drives optimized for sub-volume auto-tiering (Adaptive Optimization)
  • LeftHand OS v11 software (formerly SAN/iQ)–Adaptive Optimization (VSA & 4335), Para-virtualized SCSI support, SMI-S support for Microsoft SCVMM, Optimized snapshot manager, Online Upgrade enhancements
  • StoreVirtual 4530 model now offers 4TB MDL SAS drives with 48TB raw capacity per node
  • StoreVirtual VSA Software has new licensing options based on capacity levels - 4TB, 10TB, 50TB - Easily upgrade 4TB and 10TB licenses on the fly for more capacity
  • Based on HP ProLiant Gen8 technology, new StoreVirtual models are now available: the low cost 4130, the dense 1U 4330, 4530 for large capacity, 4730 for performance, 4630 for BladeSystem
  • Increase flexibility of your StoreVirtual cluster with addition of multi-protocol support. Use iSCSI, Fibre Channel or both with the StoreVirtual 4330 and 4730 models



Ease Storage Management for Virtualized Environments

  • Platform integration with VMware and Microsoft increases storage functionality and ease of use while application integration streamlines storage management for applications. Snapshot and Remote Copy integration for virtualization platforms and Windows applications makes backup and recovery a snap.
  • Manage hundreds of nodes in your environment with the same simplicity as your first two; no matter if they are on the same site or across multiple sites. The Centralized Management Console lets you configure, manage, and monitor your storage easily, making everyday operations simple and efficient.
  • HP StoreVirtual simplifies product updates and upgrades, providing ease of mind - Update software with a single click. Migrate data online to another cluster of storage hardware. Swap nodes within a cluster for maintenance or upgrade to new generation technology with no downtime required.


Scale Array Capacity and Performance Without Disruption to Applications

  • The scale-out architecture of HP StoreVirtual delivers storage that linearly scales in both capacity and performance. Adjust and respond quickly to changing demands: Scaling storage is as simple as adding nodes to the cluster letting you seamlessly and non-disruptively grow as your business grows.
  • Network RAID technology aggregates all resources and capacity into a single storage pool making all available capacity and performance accessible to every volume in the cluster, allowing all cluster resources to contribute to performance: CPUs, RAID controllers, NICs, caches, and disk spindles.
  • The Network RAID functionality also stripes and protects multiple copies of data across a storage cluster, removing any single point of failure. Redundancy is managed on a per-volume basis to improve storage utilization and match the data protection of the volume to the application’s requirements.
  • Now with iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel connectivity, mixed protocol environments can benefit from a single flexible storage solution for all locations. Be prepared for what the future may bring – migrate from one protocol to the other without having to redesign or replace your storage.


Superior Data High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • With proven 99.999 percent high availability and reliability the storage cluster can sustain multiple concurrent failures and still keep data online and accessible to applications. This solution provides worry-free storage for your centralized datacenter as well as for remote and branch offices.
  • VMware certified Multi-site disaster recovery provides business continuity with failover transparent to users and applications. The Multi-site configuration is designed to maintain data availability beyond a single physical or logical site and validates full compatibility with VMware HA features.
  • LeftHand Remote Copy lets you asynchronously replicate thin provisioned, reservationless snapshots between primary and remote locations. This feature enables centralized backup and disaster recovery on a per-volume basis and leverages application integrated snapshots for faster recovery.
  • LeftHand Peer Motion is an online data mobility technology that allows the movement of volumes across all deployed HP StoreVirtual nodes regardless of platform or drive type. HP StoreVirtual is the only product with data mobility across tiers, locations, and between virtual and physical storage.


Affordable Enterprise Functionality with Comprehensive Feature Set

  • HP StoreVirtual’s all-inclusive licensing includes enterprise-class storage features, management, and value-add tools - eliminating the need for additional software purchases. This affordable platform lets you buy only what storage you need today and grow your storage non-disruptively in the future.
  • HP StoreVirtual is the most versatile storage platform on the market as it scales from software-defined storage VSA software to ProLiant rack and BladeSystem-based hardware models. Mix and match the product models that best fit your infrastructure for management simplicity and feature consistency.
  • Transform the internal storage of your existing vSphere and Hyper-V servers into fully featured shared storage. The market leading HP StoreVirtual VSA creates a converged infrastructure that enables data mobility across virtualized servers, sites, and between virtual and physical storage platforms.