HP MSA 50 Modular Smart Array

Server Parts are specialist suppliers to the IT trade of servers, storage and networking. We offer big discounts on the MSA 50 range and options, up to 45% below traditional distributors, we can configure servers to your exact requirements and ship worldwide. 

The HP Modular Smart Array family delivers simple, affordable storage technology to meet today's demanding and growing IT needs. These storage solutions offer the best price/performance and best price/availability features for direct attach environments, small clusters, workgroups and entry-level SAN environments. Each solution is designed to be easy to deploy, secure, and reduce management costs, while driving rapid return on investment.


Higher Performance per U of Rack Space

  • The Serialized nature of SAS combined with the highest spindle count per U of rack space allows the MSA50 to achieve the greatest I/Os per second when compared to parallel SCSI.

Price Sensitivity

  • The MSA50 will be the first SAS/SATA SFF JBOD product that will offer a level of availability sufficient for the Enterprise and a price structure that is attractive to SMB.

Investment Protection

  • The MSA50 allows mix and match SAS or SATA drives within the same enclosure. Thus making technology transitions simple and cost effective.

Reduced Spares Inventory

  • Universal SFF drives and similar physical characteristics between SAS and SATA drives allow customers to mix/match SAS and SATA in the same enclosure and allow the same drives to be used in servers and external storage.